Atomic Clock

Here is my new Rubidium Frequency Standard. It’s an atomic clock! It has a crystal oscillator disciplined to Rubidium-87 hyperfine transition.

Rubidium Frequency Standard - Atomic Clock

It has an impressive specification:

Drift 2×10-9/year
Allan Deviation 1.4×10-11 /√ τ (1s ≤ τ ≤ 100s)

I do not (yet) have any means for verifying its stability and accuracy. A quick test with my frequency meter suggests that it is working correctly. However this test does not tell me much as this frequency standard stability is many order of magnitude better than my frequency meter. I am planning to get a GPS disciplined oscillator for performance comparison.

2 thoughts on “Atomic Clock

  1. James Zhang

    song! michael show me your brilliant atomic clock. I was wondering how big is it and if there is a chance to make it small? Basically if you are able to make a close to absolutely perfect clock, it would be very nice to downsample it and use it as the heart of a audio dac system XD! It would be the best DAC ever!


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