Monthly Archives: January 2011

Arduino Remote Control Infrared Player

This project uses the Arduino hardware for playing back infrared remote control code. The format played is the Pronto Hex format. There is a huge database of infrared code located at RemoteCentral.

I did this project for teaching my learning remote the discrete on/off power code of my TV. The code sent by the original TV remote is the power toggle command. This is not so good when used as part of a macro for controlling multiple devices.

Infrared Remote Control Code Player
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Sparkfun Free Day 2011

Woohoo! I got myself a free $30 voucher from Sparkfun Free Day. Thanks Sparkfun! 🙂

Sparkfun free day is part of Sparkfun’s marketing stunt that started last year where they gave away $100,000 with a limit of $100 per person. This year they increased the amount to $150,000.

I’m not sure $30 is worth the trouble of staying up from 3am to 5am pressing the refresh button on my browser. Anyway I’m happy getting the voucher.

My First Oscilloscope

During clean up I found the receipt for my first oscilloscope. It was for a dual channel 20 MHz CRO. I bought it 20 years ago.

I would’ve been extremely happy getting it. I was only in year 11 back then. I don’t know how I convinced my dad to pay $799 for it, must have been a lot of money back then.

CRO Receipt

I bought the oscilloscope from David Reid Electronics, one of the three electronics shop that was on York St, Sydney. I like that shop, it’s sad to see that shop closed down.