Electronics pliers and side cutters


Small precision pliers and side cutters are essential for electronics work. I’ve owned and used the pliers and cutter pictured above for a few months now. I found them to be really good.

The cutter is a Knipex 77 32 115 ESD, and the pliers are CK Tools 3772-1D-120. Both feel really good in the hand, have nice spring, top quality construction, have ESD handles and they both use the highly durable box joint construction.

I chose the version of pliers with serrated jaws as they give better grip comapred to the smooth one.

The cutter is rated for cutting copper wire of diameter 0.3 to 1.3 mm.

2 thoughts on “Electronics pliers and side cutters

  1. Andrew Lees

    Hi Stephen,

    Having been using the side cutters for a while now, how are they holding up? Any notching or bluntness showing yet?



  2. stephen Post author

    Hi Andrew,

    The side cutters are still in very good condition. They have not been used a lot though, they are just for my personal electronics stuff.


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