Demonstration of my Spectrum Analyzer project

A demonstration of my Spectrum Analyzer project built using the Beaglebone Black and a USB DVB-T digital television receiver. The receiver is based on Realtek RTL2832U accessed using RTL-SDR library. The demonstration shows the RF spectrum of various sources.

If you are interested in this project, I’ll be releasing the application and source code in GitHub so you can build your own. Probably in a month or two, or sooner, or later.
You can now run this software – ViewRF – on your own hardware. See

14 thoughts on “Demonstration of my Spectrum Analyzer project

  1. paresh thakkar

    Hey Stephen,

    just stumbled across this demo, and am amazed at the video…could you by any chance, point me towards a complete bill of material of hardware and software modules used to get the results as found in this video? am dreaming of making one for using with my RFID practice to check radiation strength…I use 865Mhz to 867Mhz, and need a cheap spectrum analyser… am sure building one would be very exciting…

    thanks in advance…

    1. stephen Post author

      The main component is the RTL2832U based TV tuner. The RTL-SDR library will allow you to retrieve sampled IQ signal from the tuner (see the linked page for what tuners you can use). Fourier transform is then used to convert this signal into frequency domain which is then displayed on the screen.

      My project was inspired by this spectrum analyzer project. Take a look at his site, he has documented it well.

  2. sigmounte

    Hi ! I would love to mount one myself , just curious for now , what is the hardware for touchscreen / display ??

    Keep my up to date for testing the release !

  3. OctavioN

    Hi Stephen,

    If you can tell me what use to do the GUI, it’s amazing … I see you use Amgstron Distr. The app runs when you power on the BBB, you need to start desktop or directly from terminal (I want to do some GUI to not require use desktop only runs from terminal to acquire temperature )?


  4. Rex Markesteijn


    first off all thumbs up for the great work

    can give me some information about the rest off the function buttons in the gui

    and maybe can you help me to make an output for a tracking generator so i can use your amazing project
    for my home made setup so i can tune rf filters

    many thanks in advance


  5. Jonathan

    Very nice work! Congratulations!

    Is that possible to compile for a Linux on a Intel based arch for use in a old laptop instead of the Beaglebone?

  6. Mike433

    The Teratec is out of order now and it uses the E4000 chip, does your software work for the new Teratec which uses the R820?



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