These are tasks and projects that I’m working on.

  • Build experimental webiste for working with Internet of Things
  • Determine cause of failure of WS2812B LED pixel – Overheat, when driven at full brightness for extended period.
  • Write up on using bladeRF to demodulate GFSK generated by Nordic nrf2401
  • Write up on using Agilent 34410a for sampling at 10,000 samples/second
  • Write up on using Cypress PSoC UDB (Universal Digital Block) for driving WS2812 LED
  • Complete project on using LinkSprite JPG camera with Netduino and Roving WiFi module
  • Linear interpolator for my time interval counter – for characterizing my Rubidium Frequency Standard
  • Evaluate Texas Instrument CC3000 WiFi module.
  • Run OpenCV on BeagleBone Black connected to Logitech webcam
  • Update Hexi’s CPU with Cortex M4

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