BeagleBone Black (BBB) & LCD7 Cape interfaced to Arduino

Here is a quick demonstration video of my BeagleBone Black (BBB) and the LCD7 cape interfaced to an Arduino controlling an LED. The LCD7 cape is a 7 inch 800×480 LCD with a resistive touchscreen.

6 thoughts on “BeagleBone Black (BBB) & LCD7 Cape interfaced to Arduino

  1. Javier Perez

    Hello, great work!
    I want to pass my application made them on QT from BB White to BBB, but I have had some problems to install QT Embedded could you tell me the step that you follow.
    Thank you!

  2. stephen Post author

    Thanks Javier!

    The easiest way to install Qt Embedded in Angstrom is to run ‘opkg update’ followed by ‘opkg install qt4-embedded –force-depends’.

    1. Javier Perez

      You´re welcome.

      I have done a lot of times as you say, but it does not work. Did you do another thing extra?

  3. Javier Perez

    Hello, thanks it works, but I have some problems the touch screen does work and I have events with the keyboard and it does not work too.
    Do you install some libs extra?

    1. stephen Post author

      You might need to calibrate your touch screen by running ‘ts_calibrate’. Also check the environment variables QWS_MOUSE_PROTO and QWS_KEYBOARD.

  4. Carlos Ramos

    Hello, I have a BBB but I don’t have information to install and use QT. Can you show a link or a tutorial to install QT in BBB and PC, with simple application? I need use linux in my PC or with windows I can make applications in QT to BBB?

    Good work and thanks for the help.


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