Netduino First Impression

I just received my netduino from proto-advantage.


I am happy with proto-advantage service. Out of the other online stores, they offer the cheapest ($5) delivery to Australia. They processed my order quickly. Within half an hour of ordering, I received my shipping confirmation!

First impression of the Netduino is very good. The team that designed the board paid attention to details.

The “small box” packaging is nice:
Netduino packaging Netduino small box

I like the custom font on the trademark name “netduino”. The are consistent with the use of the font; they are used on the PCB, packaging and website.

I like the consistent blue colour scheme. I like how the header connectors are blue. Much nicer than the traditional black. I like how the user LED is blue. They made additional effort to use the blue LED rather than the standard red or green LED.

The power indicator LED is white! It’s different. I like it. First time I see diffused white surface mount LED.

I like how they choose Micro-USB connector. The Micro USB can withstand much more insertion cycles compared to the Mini or the full sized connector. I like how they choose the USB connector with through hole reinforcement.

I like how they have ESD and resettable overcurrent protection on the USB line.

I like how they provide rubber feet.

I like how they supply you with Micro-USB cable. (As I understand it, it is only promotional)

Here is the Netduino compared to the Arduino. As you can see netduino keeps all the mechanical aspects of Arduino.
Netduino and Arduino

Overall, there are many things to like about the netduino. Now, lets start coding for it…

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