Fluke 17B Multimeter Mini Review

I just got my Fluke 17B multimeter yesterday. I bought it from DealExtreme for USD $92 delivered. I’d like to use this multimeter instead of my Fluke 77 III for my everyday electronics at home.

This Fluke model is only for sale in China, however you can easily get this model from Ebay or DealExtreme. Given that it is only for sale in China, there aren’t many in depth review of it. My concern is that this model may not be of the same quality as the other Fluke’s model.

This meter has a sister model, the Fluke 15B which does not measure frequency nor temperature.

For more information, calibration manual of the meter is avaliable from Fluke China website here.

First impression is good, the meter looks and feels like a Fluke meter. The meter feels sturdy. The LCD is big and clear. The function selector dial is good, it gives that positive “click” feeling.

Compared to the Fluke 77, this meter has better functionality in that it measures current down to the µA range, measures capacitance, and measures temperature using the provided K-type thermocouple probe.

The downside of the meter is that it doesn’t have Fluke’s auto touch hold, no-bar graph, and no LCD backlight. The overvoltage CAT rating is also slightly lower (300V CAT III vs 600V CAT III).

Compared to higher end Fluke models, this meter lacks the min/max function, does not measure true RMS and has no incorrect probe socket detection.

Internal contruction of the meter is really good. You can see the well designed PCB, the high quality components and the good soldering from the photos below. You can also see the big HRC fuses and the MOVs used for input protection.

Fluke 17B Digital Multimeter
Fluke 17B Digital Multimeter

Here is a link to the high resolution photo.

I have yet to evaluate the performance of the meter I will post my findings in a later blog entry.
Update (9 SEP 2010): Continue to the second part of my review.

6 thoughts on “Fluke 17B Multimeter Mini Review

  1. Alan Parekh

    I have been wondering about those sold on China Fluke meters, they were too much money for me just to see if it was a true Fluke or a knock off. From the build quality I am thinking that this is a true Fluke.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. stephen Post author

    Resistance mode and continuity test mode are two different modes. The buzzer will not sound when measuring 0.5 Ohm resistor in resistance mode

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  4. Aleksey

    Hi everyone. I think as Fluke17B or 15b, 18b one of the best for general purposes. Also company has a Fluke17B+ with backlight (Was realeased in 2014). Any others models are best for industrial and electrician needs. Also I have couple Uni-T digital multimeters and they are realy good too.


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